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Helsebemanning AS is a Norwegian-owned company with headquarters in Lillehammer and branch offices in Oslo, Uppsala, Karlskrona, Stockholm, Borlänge and Málaga (Spain).

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Helsebemanning opens new office in Málaga

On November 23, 2022, Helsebemanning released the big news that we have been waiting so long to share with you: We have opened an office in Málaga!
Our new colleague Ann-Charlotte works on site in Malaga. Ann-Charlotte will work to find Spanish Nurses, Doctors and other healthcare personnel who wish to work in Sweden and Norway. In order to work in the Nordic countries as a Spanish healthcare professional, it is necessary to speak and understand the languages ​​spoken at the workplace, therefore Helsebamennig will offer language schools for those who need it.
Our aim in the future is to be able to help Spanish healthcare with recruitment and staffing. Our expectations for 2023 are high and we are sure that it will be very successful year!
We once again welcome Ann-Charlotte to Helsebemanning and now let her introduce herself. Read her presentation below.

As a new employee of Helsebemanning, I am delighted with the opening of the office in Spain. I am originally from Finland and have lived in many countries before settling here in Malaga. I have a background in tourism, I like working with people and I am very service-minded. During my leisure time I enjoy dancing Salsa and Bachata, Nordic Walking, cooking and travelling. Just contact me and I will give you all the information you need to work with us😊


Helsebemanning goes to Tjejmilen in Stockholm!
Come and meet us at our stand in Danicahallen at Östermalms IP between 1-3 September!

Sibelle Colliander –Consultant of the month

Sibelle, with her enormous expertise and knowledge of the craft of midwifery, is a fantastic support to our clients. She is very much appreciated by both clients and me who have the privilege to work with her. She is an obvious choice as this month’s summer consultant.

With a total of 994 births she has been responsible for, in 6 months she will celebrate 25 years as a midwife!
Did you always know you wanted to be a midwife?
– No, it was something that came up when I was 22 years old. I had always wanted to become a veterinarian. I lived in Södertälje and was offered a position at Astra’s small animal department as a zookeeper. They did tests to make sure you weren’t allergic and it turned out that I was. Then I thought, what am I going to be now? I wanted a down-to-earth profession and came across Midwifery.

What mission are you on now?
– I am in Eksjö. I was educated in Huddinge and had previously been there for 18 years. When I decided to quit my job and go freelance, I longed for the smaller clinics. During the summer there has been a fast pace all the time. The regular staff is incredibly supportive.

What is the best thing about working as a freelance consultant?
– You can organize your own time in a different way, decide your time off in a different way. That’s a huge advantage.

Why have you chosen to work specifically for Helsebemanning?
– I started at Helsebemanning when my consultant manager Jenny started there. I started slowly in 2016 via another temp agency and then in the autumn of ’18 I quit completely. From October – 22 I will invoice through my own company under the name Midwife Sibelle AB.

3 quick questions
Summer or winter? Summer
Pool or beach? Beach with cliffs
Waterice or ice-cream? Ice-cream

Mikael Mannerbjörk – Consutant of the month

“Mikael has worked with us since 2020, from north to south, and is always so very positive and cheerful.
Mikael has extensive experience in ambulance care and is specialised in several categories.
Mikael is very flexible and is not afraid of new challenges.”

Halland, Halmstad, Varberg and Stockholm are some of the places where Mikael has worked and after a week’s leave he has now started on his new assignment in Kungsbacka, with the ambulance.

What would you say is the best part about being a consultant?
– The very best thing, I would say, is that you work when you want to and you get some additional pay.

Mikael has been a nurse since 2008, and when asked if he always knew he wanted to be a nurse, he replies.
– I certainly didn’t think I would become a nurse but I was very interested in the body so when I was 30 years old I started studying

When Mikael isn’t working, he does a bit of everything, you could say.
– I ride a motorcycle. I live on a boat so I fiddle with it. I practice yoga, dance and martial arts and I travel a lot. In winter it gets a bit too cold on the boat.

3 quick questions with Mikael:
Sun holiday or ski holiday: sun holiday
Meat or fish: Fish
Coffee or tea: Coffee

From Engineer to Doctor – Consultant of the Month

After thinking all along about becoming an engineer, he chose to work as a nursing assistant after high school, where his thoughts turned completely around.
– I felt very comfortable working with elderly persons, it gave me so much. Then because I had good results, I applied to medical school and was accepted.

Read the nomination below as written by his consultant manager.

“I nominate our Dr. Mohsen because he is simply a wonderful person to work with. He always gets positive feedback from our customers and you can tell when you talk to him that he’s really passionate about his work. The kind of doctor all patients should be entitled to. I sincerely hope that he will work for a long time to come.”

Since the end of 2012, beginning of 2013, Moshen is a dual specialist in Cardiology and Internal Medicine. He has worked in both Sweden and Norway and currently works at a Medical Clinic where he is the back-up for all medical clinics as well as Senior Physician at the Cardiac Department and HIA. He has been there for almost 9 years now.

It really feels like you enjoy working at the Medical Clinic since you’ve been there for so long, what’s so good about it?

-I have very good colleagues. The staff. We are like a family. It’s very nice and the leadership is very good too.

Moshen says he enjoys working with Helsebemanning.

-“You are honest and straightforward and it’s great to work with you.

When asked what the best thing about working as a consultant is, like many others, he answers freedom.

-You are your own boss and make your own decisions.

There is no doubt that Moshen is an active Physician. He walks back and forth to work every day. A 40-minute walk one way, but in addition to his walks, he likes to run a couple of times a week too.

– Before corona, I also danced salsa twice a week and hope to get back into it soon. If I don’t exercise some day, it’s not a good day.

3 quick questions for Moshen

Summer or winter? It was a difficult one, but summer may still be the winning answer. I like both snow and winter but summer will have to do
Ice-cream or sweets? Ice-cream
Boat or camper? Preferably a boat.

Lena Lindqvist – Consultant of the month

It’s always a lot of fun to punch in the Consultant of the Month number and read out the nomination that each consultant manager has put together. The gratitude. The joy. The importance of showing our consultants our appreciation!
“Lena is a very flexible Nurse practitioner. She is not afraid of new challenges. Lena has worked with us since 2015, both in Sweden and Norway. Always as positive and happy. All clients are very happy with her and I am proud to work with her”.

Lena has been a nurse since 1994 and has worked as a freelance consultant for 11 years.
– At first I went to Norway on my holidays and worked and for five years now I have been doing this full time. For me it has been obvious, I got my life back and now I decide for myself.

Can’t you tell us a bit about the mission you’ve been on lately?
– I usually work in the emergency room, but recently I’ve been to a post-surgery in Stockholm, which consisted of major operations, it’s been very interesting.

When asked why Lena chose to work for Helsebemanning, she answers that it is mainly because of her consultant manager Charlotte.
– She is so caring who fixes and provides for me. I always get help on the spot, I feel really appreciated.

What would you say is the best part about being a consultant?
– There are so many advantages. I get to see new places, new cities and new people, some of whom become lifelong friends.
A big advantage of working as a freelance consultant for Lena is the opportunity to be in control.
– I don’t have to work Christmas or Midsummer. I take holidays whenever I want. I earn a little more, but the money isn’t the whole issue. The whole point is that I control myself.

3 quick questions to Lena
Dressed for a workout or a party? Workout
Ice-cream or sweets? Ice-cream
Padel or picking mushrooms? Padel


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