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Helsebemanning AS is a Norwegian-owned company with headquarters in Lillehammer and branch offices in Oslo, Uppsala, Karlskrona, Stockholm, Borlänge and Málaga (Spain).

About Helsebemanning

Background information

Helsebemanning AS is a Norwegian-owned company with headquarters in Lillehammer and branch offices in Oslo, Uppsala, Karlskrona, Stockholm, Borlänge and Málaga. The company was founded by Thom-Erik Gruer and registered in November 2010. The majority of the company is owned by Thom-Erik Gruer and Svein Larsen.

Since its inception in 2010, Helsebemanning has staffed healthcare facilities with nurses and physicians (part-time, full-time, temporary or locum tenens) in most specialties in both Sweden and Norway. As a result, we have a large network of people in those areas of expertise, with whom we maintain excellent contacts. Since January 2020, we have also recruited and staffed audiologists.

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Our vision

Our vision is to create the conditions for the highest quality staffing solutions that provide maximum patient safety in the most cost-effective way. We are committed to quality awareness and business focus.

We want to provide a service where our commitment makes a difference and where the customer and the health care professionals will feel optimally served. Good communication and reliability are keywords for us.

Our customers

Helsebemanning’s customers are mainly municipalities and regions, but we also have a number of private healthcare providers as customers.

Consultancy managers are responsible for recruitment and staffing at client sites. They are also each consultant’s immediate supervisor. Consultants and clients have a dedicated lead person who handles most matters relating to contacts and assignments. Consultancy managers follow up on incoming needs and pass them on to suitable consultants. The consultant manager will then handle the entire staffing process, from proposal to implementation and follow-up.

Our team

Our staffing and recruitment teams are made up of consulting managers with experience and training in the health sector, Human Resources or with experience in other service professions. Other internal employees also have extensive experience and knowledge of the staffing industry.

At the Helsebemanning offices, management staff as well as consultancy managers and administrators work together in a flat organisation where everyone is well versed in the booking process. The decision making paths are short, which in turn leads to quick handling of customers and consultants’ requests and needs.

Our core values

Helsebemanning has an established quality systems to ensure that our services are always of the highest quality and in line with current laws, regulations and guidelines. If you want to read our quality and environmental policy, you can do so here.
Reporting in accordance with Transparency legislation

We have professional recruitment and staffing solutions aimed at the health and social care sector. We are a team of consultants with a solid healthcare professional background, HR training and extensive sector experience.

Thanks to our local connections, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our relationship. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact any of our offices.

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